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Church Vote, Part Deux June 26, 2008

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Back in December, the members of First Congregational United Church of Christ voted 87-18 to “authorize church leaders to negotiate terms of a possible sale to Baldwin-Wallace College.”  A negotiating team was formed from members of our church, and they met with the B-W administration during the past six months.  The proposed agreement for the sale of the church and surrounding properties to B-W was then shared with our congregation earlier this month.

This Sunday, members of First Church will come together to vote on whether to accept or reject the proposed agreement.  I won’t go into details at this time, but you can expect another blog post early next week on the results.  Also, check my Twitter for the my thoughts and vote tally on Sunday.


The Sixth Amendment February 3, 2008

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In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district where in the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.”

This Monday, I’ll be making my jury duty debut at the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court in downtown Cleveland. According to Wikipedia, there are only four states (Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina) in the US with Courts of Common Pleas. Stay tuned for my legal tales from the jury box.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 21, 2008

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Rosie at the MLK Jr. Visitor Center (July 2005)

The year that was January 2, 2008

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Hey, a blog post that reviews happenings or stuff from the previous year. That sounds like an original idea…riiiight. So, here’s my life from 2007 – the short form:

  • January: I started my new job as an employee of Sherwin-Williams on January 2, 2007 (one year ago today), and I’ve been painting the town ever since then. Okay, I’ve been mostly cutting up and painting parts of trucks and buses, but it’s been definitely fun! Watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time.
  • February: Valentine’s Day Blizzard, and the florist still delivered flowers for Anna. Lily baptized on the last Sunday of the month.
  • March: We saw Brian Regan at the beginning of the month and visited North Carolina at the end of the month. My Mom went into the hospital on March 23 because of bad stomach pains.
  • April: Lily sat up by herself for the first time. Lily’s first Easter. My first Twitter post.
  • May: My Mom had her second and third surgeries. Rosie and I drove to PA to visit my Mom for Mother’s Day, although she was in ICU the whole time. Season finales for Heroes and Lost. Saw George R.R. Martin in Second Life as Tyrion Lannister.
  • June: Rosie completed Kindergarten, began swim team, and had her dance recital all within three days. We became members of First Congregational United Church of Christ. Rosie turned 6 and lost her first tooth, while I was burning 36 candles. My first work trip to lovely Ft. Wayne, IN.
  • July: Lily started crawling. All of us drove to PA for Independence Day. My Mom had her fourth surgery. Rosie swam in the Championship Swim Meet, and we bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows later that day.
  • August: Anna and I celebrated our ninth anniversary by going to the house from “A Christmas Story” and enjoying a wonderful meal at an Indian restaurant. My first blog post on Living in the now. Went sailing with the whole family on Sandusky Bay near Cedar Point on Anna’s brother’s friend’s boat. Rosie and I attended our first Cleveland Indians baseball game. Rosie lost her second tooth and started 1st grade.
  • September: My Mom celebrated her birthday in the hospital. Lily got her first tooth, took two steps, and started climbing steps. Rosie and I helped assemble kits for National Chemistry Week. Anna and I went for an RIT Alumni cruise on Lake Erie.
  • October: Lily’s first visit to the emergency room. The 20th annual National Chemisty Week. Halloween parties from the middle of October until the end of the month. Switched to Time Warner Cable and got DVR!
  • December: Mom’s eighth surgery. Rosie walked in the Light Up Berea parade. Vote at the church. Holiday music program, Christmas pageant, cookies, cookies, and more cookies! Lily’s second Christmas and Rosie’s seventh one. Rosie almost stayed awake until 2008. Maybe next year.

Negotiations to begin December 11, 2007

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Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.”
– John F. Kennedy

On December 9, 2007, the members of First Congregational United Church of Christ voted 87-18 to “authorize church leaders to negotiate terms of a possible (my emphasis) sale to Baldwin-Wallace College.”  I have been a member of First Church for almost a year, but it’s where my wife attended growing up and where we were married over nine years ago.  There were more people present on this past Sunday for worship, the following meal, and the subsequent vote than I have ever seen – even on an Easter or a Christmas service.

Earlier this year, B-W let us know that they were interested in our facility and surrounding buildings for an expansion of their Conservatory of Music.  An offer to buy followed in October for the sale in return for either:

  1. A sum of money plus land in Berea on which to build.
  2. A larger sum of money with no land.

Baldwin-Wallace wishes to renovate the buildings for their use as classroom space and as a concert hall.  They have stated that historical exterior nature of the church would remain intact, which is sometime that is important to all members of First Church.

Personally, I voted in favor of opening negotations with the college, but I am also interested in investigating ways in which we could remain in this wonderfully remarkable building that is full of history.  At the time of the vote, I felt that all options were not explored as much as they could have been.  As the process moves forward with B-W, we will continue to examine creative ways that may be unseen to us right now.

I do have faith that our congregation will make it through this time of wandering in the wilderness, and I have seen how it has brought us together to begin a dialogue about our church’s vision and future wherever that may be.

Should we stay or should we go? December 7, 2007

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This Sunday afternoon, the members of First Congregational United Church of Christ (the church we attend) in Berea, Ohio, will vote to decide whether or not to open negotiations with Baldwin-Wallace College on their offer to purchase our property and the buildings located on it.  As with a lot of smaller churches today, our congregation is struggling to bring in new members and to maintain our older facilities.  It has been a constant struggle for the past few years.

On one hand, there is the rich, strong, and spiritual history of our church, which was founding in 1855 by a group of seven Christian abolitionists.  It had humble beginnings and has always played a vital and important role in the center of Berea.  Other the other hand, there is an opportunity for us to investigate B-W’s proposal and to see where that may lead.  Whatever decision is revealed to us, I promise to continue my spiritual journey with God and this congregation.

Additional reading – Article from The Plain Dealer, November 4, 2007 

Here is the steeple December 5, 2007

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First Church in Berea, OH – December 2, 2007

Letter from 1865 (Part II) November 9, 2007

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CWLetter02I found this link about the history of the 21st Cavalry of Pennsylvania to which John F. Lowe was attached.  He was in Company B recruited from Adams County which encompasses both Fairfield and Gettysburg.  Scroll down a little over halfway on the above linked page to see an account from the timeframe of the letter.  It references Petersburg,VA, as well as the impending march that John F. Lowe mentioned.

Here are pages two and three from the letter:

[Page 2] There is some talk of some of the cavalry being dismounted again in the spring but they had better not try that on the 21st again or there will be some (fun) if we should be dismounted again.  I would not give three straws for all the good they get out of them.  We did all we were called on to do last summer but (Infantry) is played out here now.  See in The Star the draft had come off at last and you were not drafted.  There is a James (?) drafted.  Let me know whether it is our (family) or not.  I don’t think they will have to serve more than four months of their time with the rebs for they are in a pretty tight place.

[Page 3] I would like to know what is the reason I never hear from home.  It has been at least one month since I received the last letter and I wrote to (Mary) about three months ago and have had no answer yet.  I think if she don’t soon write I will have to close the book on her.  Well as it is getting late I will have to close for the present.  Don’t forget to write soon (?) but remain your affectionate Brother.

John F. Lowe
Com B 21st Pa Cav
2nd Brigade 2nd Div
Cavalry Corp

Letter from 1865 November 8, 2007

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CWLetter01My Dad grew up in Fairfield, PA, which is about eight miles from Gettysburg, PA.  We can trace our genealogy back to at least the American Civil War with relatives having fought in it.  Today’s NaBloPoMo post comes from a letter written by John F. Lowe and dated March 12, 1865.  My Dad’s mother and my grandmother was Anna (Lowe) Miller with John F. Lowe being two or three generations before her.

March 12, 1865

Camp 21st Pa Cav
Near Petersburg, VA

Dear Brother,

Your welcome (favor) came to hand a few days ago and I was very glad to hear from you. It found me in very good health and I hope this may find you in the same state. There is nothing going on here of any importance for the old (roads) are so bad that it is impossible to make a move of any kind but as soon as it dries off I look for a hard fight here on the southside railroad. We had a general run today and that is a shure sign of a move before long but I don’t want to see it until it clears off.

The words in parentheses are my best guess of what was written because I was working from a copy of the original letter.  I also left in the spelling “shure” for the word “sure.”  Click on the thumbnail of the letter to see a larger image.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the letter.