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Iron Chef: Nintendo March 20, 2008

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I’ve seen Iron Chef and Iron Chef America a handful of times, but they are not “Must See TV” for me.  Both shows are exciting and enjoyable to watch, and I think they’re partly responsible for the appeal of the Nintendo DS and Wii Cooking Mama video game series.  Following the success of those games, Destineer and United Media announced last week that they will be bringing the Iron Chef franchise to both systems.  Allez Cuisine!

Tiny Bubbles December 27, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Food, Holidays, Science.

BubblesChampagne is synonymous with ringing in the New Year, and having smaller bubbles in your bubbly leads to a better taste.  According to scientists reporting in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, smaller bubbles mean there are more bubbles to carry the taste and aroma to the surface of your glass.  Their study explains that the bubbles begin with minute cylindrical fibers deposited on champagne glasses from the air or towels used to dry the glasses.

While the scientists are still hard at work creating smaller bubbles, you can try this fun experiment next week.  Wipe your glass vigorously with a towel before pouring for extra effervescense.  For fewer bubbles, avoid towel drying and keep the glass turned upside down.  But, do turn it right side up before toasting 😉