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Kids & Computers February 14, 2008

Posted by davegoblog in Future, Parenting, Personal, Technology.

LilyMouseWhen I was a kid, who could’ve predicted all of the amazing technological advances that have come in the past few years?  My family got an Atari 2600 when I was 9 and a Commodore 64 about two or three years later.  I remember being excited when we bought our first modem (300 Baud) and were able to use Quantum Link, the precursor to American Online.  Fast forward 20+ years…

Both Rosie and Lily were born in the 21st century, and they’ve been exposed to computers and technology from an early age (well before either Anna or me).  After seeing us use a digital camera for so long, Rosie didn’t understand at first why you couldn’t see the picture right away on a film camera.  She also frequently wants to upload videos we make to YouTube, so she can see herself online.  The other day, she searched for the iChat icon and added it to her dock under her Mac user name!  I watched her do it, and I’m still trying to figure out how she did it so quickly!  Lily doesn’t have a user account on our computer (yet), but she will pick up one of our cell phones, hold it to her ear, and say “bye-bye.”

I guess once kids today are born and the cord is cut, they’ll be Wi-Fi for the rest of their lives.  “Hang on lady, we go for ride!!!”



1. Libby Lee - July 1, 2008

dave can I use your photo of Lily with mouse in an article I am writing for Teach Primary! magazine about kids in the new millenium and technology use?

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