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Another Mom update January 30, 2008

Posted by davegoblog in Family, Personal.

My Mom has been in the hospital more or less since March 23, 2007 (about 10 months now).  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, she’s had a number of surgeries on her small intestines with the hopes that no fistulas will form during the healing process.  In December, it looked like she was doing well, but then two more fistulas developed after her eighth operation.

Within the past two weeks, the doctors have started a feeded tube directly into her intestines to get her more nutrition than the TPN that she’s been receiving intravenously.  In combination with physical therapy, the hope is for her to regain some strength to return home for a bit before attempting another surgery.

Gratefully, my Aunt Mary Anne has flown from Florida for an open-ended visit to be with my Mom at the hospital and to help my Dad at home.  She is very thankful to have her sister there, and she sounded in better spirits when I talked with her on the phone earlier this week.  Again, I am indebted to everyone for their continued prayers, words, and support.



1. Βερνάρδος - January 30, 2008

I wish the best for yor mother.

2. Jiffy - January 30, 2008

Absolutely all positive wishes from Bob and I both. We’ll keep her in our thoughts. Thanks for sharing the news with us.

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