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Mom Update #2 December 3, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Family, Personal.

Note to the reader: There are some mildly graphic descriptions (no pictures) in what follows. 

We had a great visit with my family in Allentown during the Thanksgiving holiday, and my Mom said she felt as good as she had in a long time.  The night (November 25) before we returned to Ohio, she headed back into the hospital because her skin was very sore and irrirated from where the ostomy pouch had been adhered and removed many times due to the continued leaking.

Last Thursday morning (Nov. 29), she had her seventh surgery, which involved the doctors performing another small bowel resection because the first one was leaking.  As a note, the small bowel/intestine is very sensitive and can take a long time to heal.  That is part of the reason there have been so many complications related to her recovery.  On the other hand, the doctors are somewhat puzzled as to why the healing has been so prolonged.

The doctors performed her eighth operation two days later on Saturday night (December 1) since bile was still seeping out of the incision.  They decided to do this because the incision had not begun to heal yet, and it would be easier to take care of it now rather than later.  The resection was not the cause this time, but three small holes with one the size of a pinhead were located and patched.  I have talked briefly with my Dad since this time, but have not talked with my Mom.  I plan to call her this evening after work to see how she is doing.

Some weird and random facts:

  • My Mom no longer has a belly button.
  • She received a tummy-tuck during the seventh surgery.
  • The small intestine is approximately 21 feet in length ranging from 13-23 feet.  My Mom has had about one foot of hers removed.


1. Marylin - December 3, 2007

I’m so sorry to hear how unwell your mum has been. I can empathise, my Mum has had 4 heart surgeries this year, it’s been a trying time, but she has come through it and I have my fingers crossed that these recent surgeries will hopefully be the last she has to endure.
Much love to your family at this time, I hope she gets out for Christmas!

2. momisodes - December 4, 2007

I’m so glad you posted an update and was able to see her for Thanksgiving. I hope she’s recovers well after this surgery.

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