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What’s round on the ends & high in the middle? November 26, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Berea, Family, NaBloPoMo, Personal.

O-HI-O!!! We’re heading back to Ohio today, and my Mom went back to the hospital last night 😦 Everyone had a good visit. Mom was doing well throughout the whole time, but the skin where the ostomy pouch is attached gets very red and irritated from removing an old one and putting on a new one. So, it was decided for her to return to good old Lehigh Valley Hospital again. They’ve got better around the clock care than just my Dad, who does an amazing job for having a “weak” stomach. I helped change the pouch yesterday, and it’s quite a challenge for two non-medically trained people let alone one. He should have his EMT training completed soon 🙂

Oh well, we need to finish loading the van, then drive to the hospital, and finally begin our trip back to the Buckeye State…see you on the flip side.



1. thebutton - November 29, 2007

Glad to hear she was able to spend Thanksgiving with you all. My prayers will continue to be with her.

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