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Six Degrees November 17, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Family, Genealogy, NaBloPoMo, Pop Culture.

Yesterday, I found out that my boss attended Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Hills, MI, and that he was a year behind the original Material Girl, Madonna. In honor of this revelation, I’ve compiled a list of our close connections with the rich, famous, or just plain geeky. Here we go:

  • My brother-in-law’s ex-girlfriend’s grandfather (Lewis J. Minor) helped develop bouillon for Army K rations and founded the L. J. Minor Corporation, which is now a division of Nestlé FoodServices.
  • My other brother-in-law’s high school friend is the photographer that recently took the headshots that were superimposed onto the Heroes group of twelve picture.
  • A former co-worker of my mother-in-law was related to Chef Boyardee.
  • A former co-worker of my father-in-law was the paperboy for Albert Einstein.
  • A college classmate (William Phillips) of my parents won the Nobel Prize in Physics 1997.
  • My sister and her fiancé recently bought the house next to where Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker in Star Trek: TNG) was raised.
  • My father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate was Dark Helmet.
  • My wife’s former co-worker’s mother took piano lessons from the same person that taught Liberace.
  • A church friend’s aunt dated Ted Cassidy, aka Lurch from the original The Addams Family TV series.
  • My mother-in-law’s boss’s daughter appeared on the cover of Newsweek with Brad Pitt.


1. Kamil - November 17, 2007

I’m envious.. I have some autographs of polish stars,but.. oh well, maybe someday I could tell people that I have made a comment on your blog;).

2. BipolarLawyerCook - November 18, 2007

Dark Helmet! Me too! Found you on the NaBloPoMo Randomizer…

3. momisodes - November 18, 2007

i can’t imagine even coming up with 5 connections. You made 11!

“My wife’s former co-worker’s mother took piano lessons from the same person that taught Liberace.”—- Does she play well?

4. Ged - November 18, 2007

“I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate!”

“What’s that make us?”

“Absolutely nothing! Which is what you are about to become.”

5. thebutton - November 18, 2007

Hehe, my head was spinning at some of the connections. I know of only two connections but it’s more of family history stuff than to super famous people.

6. Lisa - November 18, 2007

I just want to know how you keep it all straight in your head. LOL

7. davegoblog - November 18, 2007

@momisodes – Don’t know if she plays well, but my wife said she’s no Liberace 😉

@Lisa – Four of the connections I discovered this year. My wife and I have been compiling the list in our heads for a number of years. The Madonna one was just the catalyst for the list. That and I needed to keep posting for NaBloPoMo.

8. melissa - November 19, 2007

i worked with a woman, when i was younger, who graduated high school with madonna. she had pics to prove it!
cool post.

9. Michele - November 19, 2007

One of my friends went to high school with The Rock. And a few houses down from us is where Quark from Star Trek grew up. Our street is just full of that show.

10. imaginary sarah - November 19, 2007

My neighbor’s cousin’s husband’s boss thinks this list is GREAT. Hahaha.

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