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Word to my Mother November 15, 2007

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Note to the reader: There are some mildly graphic descriptions (no pictures) in what follows.

My Mom has been in the hospital pretty much since March 23 of this year. Anna, Rosie, Lily, and I had just about made it to High Point, NC, to visit our friends in the Tarheel State, when my Dad called on March 24 to let me know my Mom was admitted to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA. The prior day, she had had extremely painful stomach pains while eating lunch at work, and my sister (Michele) had taken her to the hospital.

She has had six (I think) surgeries this year as a result of an unknown complication when her appendix was removed when she was ten. Apparently, part of her small intestines (SI) had become attached to where the scar had formed all those years ago. Because of that, a 6-8″ piece of her SI was no longer functioning and/or became blocked and was removed during one of the first operations. See small bowel resection for more information. Recovery from this type of surgery can take a long time due to the sensitive nature of the SI.

One recurring problem that has happened is the formation of a fistula or fistulas during her healing process. This has lead to leaking of fluids out of the intestines and also out of the incisions. A couple of the operations have been to attempt to fix the fistulas. As you can see, I can’t remember what each surgery has entailed (almost typed “entrailed” – HA!). I’ve been trying to keep my sense of humor 🙂 as a defense mechanism around the situation because it’s been tough on everyone especially her, my Dad, and Michele.

On a good day with no kids, I could make it to Allentown in about 6.5 hours. Rosie and I went to visit her on Mother’s Day in May, but my Mom was in ICU the whole time recovering from a recent surgery. All four of us including Anna and Lily drove to PA over the 4th of July holiday and all got to see her before another operation while we we there. It definitely lifted her spirits to see both of her grandchildren.

MomCandleI’ve been talking with my Mom about every other day since this whole ordeal began in the early spring, and now here we are with a few weeks until winter arrives. She spent her birthday in the hospital, and she’s back in the hospital again as of last week. We hope she’ll be able to come home to celebrate Thanksgiving next week. If not, then we’ll all pack up and head into see her. Maybe bring along Lizzie (their beagle) to visit since pets are welcome at the hospital with special clearances.

Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement, prayer, and support in this difficult and trying time for us. If you’d like to send a free card to my Mom, then email me or leave a comment. I can get you her room number.



1. Ged - November 15, 2007

I will redouble my prayers for her Dave. And ask my mom to have her added to the weekly prayers of my parish. I firmly believe the power of prayer helped get me through my ordeal with Hodgkin’s, and I’m sure it will do the same for Fran. Your family is in our thoughts always, take care.

2. momisodes - November 16, 2007

Dave I am so sorry to hear. As a nurse of 7 years, I’ve seen first hand how taxing it can be to have a loved one in-and-out of hospital care for so long. I wish for your mom a speedy recovery. You and your family are in my thoughts. And I hope everyone can be home for Thanksgiving.

3. derek - November 16, 2007

Hang in there. I will definitely say a little prayer for you, your Mom and your family…for peace, endurance, recovery, and a Thanksgiving together at HOME. Take care.

4. thebutton - November 18, 2007

Your mother and your family will be in my prayers. My grandmother was in and out of the hospital a lot a couple of years ago. Faith kept her strong, it was something she had lost until the c word was put upon her. May she be home for Thanksgiving. *hugs*

Oh and I know of Allentown, PA. If I recall it’s close to Elizabethtown where my father always did his training for working at a state prison.

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