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Letter from 1865 (Part II) November 9, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Genealogy, History, NaBloPoMo.

CWLetter02I found this link about the history of the 21st Cavalry of Pennsylvania to which John F. Lowe was attached.  He was in Company B recruited from Adams County which encompasses both Fairfield and Gettysburg.  Scroll down a little over halfway on the above linked page to see an account from the timeframe of the letter.  It references Petersburg,VA, as well as the impending march that John F. Lowe mentioned.

Here are pages two and three from the letter:

[Page 2] There is some talk of some of the cavalry being dismounted again in the spring but they had better not try that on the 21st again or there will be some (fun) if we should be dismounted again.  I would not give three straws for all the good they get out of them.  We did all we were called on to do last summer but (Infantry) is played out here now.  See in The Star the draft had come off at last and you were not drafted.  There is a James (?) drafted.  Let me know whether it is our (family) or not.  I don’t think they will have to serve more than four months of their time with the rebs for they are in a pretty tight place.

[Page 3] I would like to know what is the reason I never hear from home.  It has been at least one month since I received the last letter and I wrote to (Mary) about three months ago and have had no answer yet.  I think if she don’t soon write I will have to close the book on her.  Well as it is getting late I will have to close for the present.  Don’t forget to write soon (?) but remain your affectionate Brother.

John F. Lowe
Com B 21st Pa Cav
2nd Brigade 2nd Div
Cavalry Corp



1. thebutton - November 9, 2007

That is really cool family history. I need to do some better digging on my family that came from Germany while I’m out here.

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