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Letter from 1865 November 8, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Genealogy, History, NaBloPoMo.

CWLetter01My Dad grew up in Fairfield, PA, which is about eight miles from Gettysburg, PA.  We can trace our genealogy back to at least the American Civil War with relatives having fought in it.  Today’s NaBloPoMo post comes from a letter written by John F. Lowe and dated March 12, 1865.  My Dad’s mother and my grandmother was Anna (Lowe) Miller with John F. Lowe being two or three generations before her.

March 12, 1865

Camp 21st Pa Cav
Near Petersburg, VA

Dear Brother,

Your welcome (favor) came to hand a few days ago and I was very glad to hear from you. It found me in very good health and I hope this may find you in the same state. There is nothing going on here of any importance for the old (roads) are so bad that it is impossible to make a move of any kind but as soon as it dries off I look for a hard fight here on the southside railroad. We had a general run today and that is a shure sign of a move before long but I don’t want to see it until it clears off.

The words in parentheses are my best guess of what was written because I was working from a copy of the original letter.  I also left in the spelling “shure” for the word “sure.”  Click on the thumbnail of the letter to see a larger image.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the letter.



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