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This is Halloween November 6, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in NaBloPoMo, Parenting.


Here’s the girls from this Halloween with Lily as a witch and Rosie as her black cat. It was a great night for Trick-or-Treating before it turned COLD COLD COLD this week. Rosie met up with some friends from school and screamed like a winning game show contestant when she saw them. Lily fell asleep in the stroller about half way through, and we never made it back to our house in time to hand out candy. As a result, I’m working on some added insulation for myself this season!



1. momisodes - November 7, 2007

Oh, they look adorable! Ah…the signature screaming and running with arms flailing in the air. Yes, many little girls are the next contestants on the price is right (myself included).

No kidding about the insulation. Mini-size bars give the most effective results.

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