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Going Green in Ohio November 2, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Environment, Future, Pollution, Science, Technology.

Green BulbWCPN reported on Wednesday that millions of Ohio electric customers are getting the chance to “buy” green energy if they’re willing to pay a little extra per month.  Customers of Duke Energy in Southwest Ohio currently have the option, and American Electric Power customers in Northern Ohio now have an opportunity as well.

According to their site, AEP Ohio recently acquired Renewable Energy Certificates and rebundled them into Green Product blocks. Each block costs $0.70 and equals 100 kWh.  Customers must buy at least two blocks ($1.40 additional per month) to take part in the program.  For $7.00 per month (10 blocks), the purchase represents 100% of the average residential customer’s monthly usage.  The extra cost is because the company already has enough capacity from traditional energy sources and it has to purchase surplus energy from the “green” sources.  Hopefully, the added charge will be reduced or eliminated as demand for alternative energy increases.

In the next few months, FirstEnergy (our electric company) is scheduled to offer similar choices, so we’re looking forward to see what they’ll have.


1. lauren♥ - March 5, 2008

i am turning my familly and hopefully my town green!

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