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Six Sickening Snacks October 30, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Movies, Pop Culture.

With Halloween being tomorrow, I’m taking a play from Gedeon Maheux’s blog playbook. First, he had the Comedy Movie Quotes, then 20 Flicks for a Deserted Island, and most recently Five Frightening Flicks. My idea was the depiction or reference of unpleasant onscreen delicacies in the movies. So, sit back, relax, and invite an old friend for dinner.


LukeCool Hand Luke (1967) – “He can eat busted bottles and rusty nails, any damned thing,” boasts Dragline (George Kennedy) of his boy Lucas “Luke” Jackson (Paul Newman). That sounds appetizing since you need iron in your diet, but not too gross. How about 50 hardboiled eggs in hour? The comical egg-eating contest from Cool Hand Luke starts out my list with the non-conforming, anti-Establishment Luke boldly betting his fellow prisoners that he can do just that. It’s hilarious and painful to watch and has hatched many parodies in pop culture. I wonder if Takeru Kobayashi watched this movie as a kid.


MilkAlien Nation (1988) – A year after playing Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, Mandy Patinkin starred as an alien Newcomer detective, Sam Francisco, in this flick. The Newcomers or Tenctonese are a race of enslaved aliens onboard a flying saucer that crashed in the Mojave Desert, and they slowly are integrated into our society. They’re quite similar to humans in appearance, but the Tenctonese have large, rounded, hairless heads with spot-like markings. In addition, their physiology is vastly different than ours. They have two hearts, salt water is like acid to them, and they can get drunk on sour milk. Detective Francisco illustrates this by downing some chunking cow secretions in one scene.


MaggotsThe Lost Boys (1987) – Vampires have obvious macabre cravings, but the larval and annelid hors d’oeuvres seen in The Lost Boys have to do with their ability of suggestion and charm. David (Kiefer Sutherland), the undead leader of a motorcycle gang, “persuades” Michael (Jason Patric) that Chinese food containers of rice and noodles are actually maggots and worms. In the nauseating scene, David quips to Michael, “You’re eating maggots. How do they taste?” They then cap the meal off with a nice bottle of red wine…O positive if I recall correctly.


SoylentSoylent Green (1973) – The year is 2022. The world is overpopulated with 40 million people living in New York City alone. Unemployment is at 50% with rundown and overcrowded housing as the only choice for most people. Pollution has lead to an endless heat wave and a thin, yellow daytime smog. Food and fuel are in short supply due to animal and crop devastation and soil poisoning. Who will save humanity from itself? Enter the Soylent Corporation and their brightly colored food products. “Try all of Soylent’s delicious flavors: Soylent red, Soylent yellow, and new, delicious, Soylent green. Made from the finest undersea growth.” Right, we all know how this ends. Say it with me, “Soylent green is people!


IndyIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) – Here’s a bit of dialogue that got cut from the movie:

“Pankot Palace, how may I help you?”
“Yeah, I’d like to place an order for delivery.”
“Go ahead.”
“Okay, I’ll get the Crunchy Bug appetizer. A quart of the Eyeball Soup. A large order of Snake Surprise, and uhhh, the Chilled Monkey Brains for dessert.”
“Alright, that’ll be…430 Rupees.”
“Do you take Sankara Stones?”
“We sure do. The mining cart will be there in 30 minutes or less, or you get a free order of flaming hearts.”


AliveAlive: The Miracle of the Andes (1993) – I debated on whether or not to include this movie and finally decided to do so. For all the Hollywood horror and gore, not much is as scary and sobering as events that really happened. On Friday the 13th of October, 1972, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 (carrying 40 passengers and 5 crew members) crashed into the Andes Mountain. Ten weeks later, 16 survivors were rescued after a harrowing set of events and hard decisions. During the ordeal, their limited food supply quickly dwindled, and the group survived by collectively agreeing to eat the flesh from the bodies of their dead comrades. Some of them equated it with Holy Communion as they were all Roman Catholic. On the lighter side, Anna and I heard a funny comment to break up the somber tone of the movie when we saw it in the theater. After the survivors make their unimaginable decision, a teenage girl commented to her friend, “They’re eating the butt.”



1. Ged - October 30, 2007

Great one Dave! I especially love the cut dialog from Temple of Doom. That should go in a spoof movie of some kind. Brilliant!

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