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How much is that Series in October? October 16, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Sports.

SalaryCapA few weeks ago, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported the Major League Baseball (MLB) salaries for the teams in the playoffs.  Unlike the NFL, NBA, NHL, and other professional sport leagues, the MLB has no salary cap and teams had opening day payrolls that ranged from a high of $190 million (New York Yankees) to a low of $24 million (Tampa Bay Devil Rays).  In addition, the three highest paid players (all Yankees) each made almost as much as the whole 34 man roster of the Devil Rays.  The combined salaries ($68 million total) of those three (Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, and Derek Jeter) were more than nine of the 30 major league teams, which included the Cleveland Indians ($62 million), Colorado Rockies ($54 million), and Arizona Diamondbacks ($52 million).  Those teams made the playoffs as well as the Yankees.

Ben Fry has an interesting chart that compares regular season performance to team salaries. Can you spend your way to a World Series?  George Steinbrenner (native of Rocky River, Ohio) tried again this year with the Yankees, but his hometown team beat them in ALDS.

Here’s a list of the other playoff teams and their opening day salaries:

  • Boston Red Sox – $143 million
  • Los Angeles Angels – $109 million
  • Chicago Cubs – $100 million
  • Philadelphia Phillies – $89 million

NOTE: The team payrolls have varied throughout the season, but the opening day numbers are a good point of reference for the year.  As info, the Indians increased to $72 million, the Yankees to $216 million, and the Red Sox to $153 million.



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