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A Tale of Two Wedges September 25, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Sports, Star Wars.

Eric Wedge 


Wedge Antilles 




Cleveland Indians head coach Rogue Squadron pilot
Lead Indians to AL Central title in 2007 Lead attack against second Death Star
From Ft. Wayne, Indiana From Corellia
Red Sox #22 (1991 MLB Season) Red Two (Battle of Yavin)
Red Sox #36 (1992 MLB Season) Red Leader (Battle of Endor)
Belted all 5 Major League HRs in 27 games (1992 MLB Season) Brought down first AT-AT with Wes Janson as gunner (Battle of Hoth)



Parents – Tim & Nina still reside in Ft. Wayne, Indiana Parents – Jagged & Zena killed by pirate Loka Hask
Wife – Kate Wife – Iella Wessiri
Daughter – Ava Catherine Daughters (2) – Syal & Myri


1. Ged - September 25, 2007

TOO FUNNY! Great post!

2. Jiffy - September 25, 2007

Nice comparison!

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