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Have you seen this cat? September 14, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Animal Stories, Pets.


Sam, one of our two Maine Coon cats, decided to go exploring this past Wednesday and Thursday much to our dismay. When I went to feed them yesterday morning, I noticed the punctual mealtime feline was missing and only his brother (Max) was to be found. After a thorough inspection of our house, I concluded he must be somewhere outside. Note: both are indoor cats.

Then, I searched the garage and our yard to no avail. Where could he be? The last confirmed sighting of him was at lunch time on Wednesday (Mr. Punctual again). We believe he escaped that evening when Rosie and some neighborhood kids came in and out of the house.

I decided to stay home at least until the rest of the family woke up and we could figure out what to do. Anna and I got Rosie to school without letting her know, and we then did some internet research. We made a trip to the local animal shelter (Berea Animal Rescue Fund – what’s their acronym?). He wasn’t there, but we dropped off a picture. We returned home, and I noticed paw prints (A clue! A clue!) and some fur on the hood of my car before leaving for work. I hoped Sam hadn’t gone feral.

Anna continued the cathunt by handing out pictures to the mailman and our neighbors while scouring the neighborhood. I sadly returned home around 6pm to a one cat house without knowing that Anna was out talking with the neighbors. I did hear the German Shepherd barking next door and thought it strange because he usually doesn’t bark. Anna came in the door about five minutes later, and her cell phone rang almost instantly. She thought it was her brother, but one of our neighbors was calling to say they saw Sam. We happily went to the house next to us to find him in the back yard with the dog barking from inside. Hurray!!!

Sam was glad to be home just in time for dinner, and Max thoroughly sniffed him to see where he had been. “Yep, I’ve been outside. No big thing.” Riiiiiiight. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and concern.

Judging from the picture above, we probably should have looked for him in the tulips or down by the dyke 😉



1. anna - September 14, 2007

At least I’ve met most of the neighbors now (after living here a little over a year). Do I have to go tell them all today that we found him?

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