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To boldly go where no man’s creation has gone before. September 6, 2007

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On September 5, 1977, the Voyager 1 spacecraft was launched 16 days after Voyager 2 lifted off. Due to its faster, shorter trajectory, Voyager 1 eventually passed Voyager 2 en route to Jupiter. Both spacecraft are still currently operating and sending data from the far reaches of our solar system. Voyager 1 is approximately 9.7 billion miles (0.0016 light years) from the Sun, so it’s about 1000 times further from the Sun than Earth. Also, a roundtrip message from us to Voyager 1 takes a little over 28 hours. That’s a bit of a time delay!

V’ger Plaque

Both spacecraft have been depicted in fiction and pop culture in such media as the movie Starman, the novel Battlefield Earth, and the TV show Futurama. My favorite portrayal is from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which was released two years after the launches. The fictitious Voyager 6 comes to “join with its Creator” in the form of V’ger. Live long and prosper, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2!



1. Ged - September 6, 2007

V’ger must join with the creator!

2. Dad - September 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mom!!

3. davegoblog - September 7, 2007

I did mean to include it was Mom’s birthday, but it was late at night when I was finishing the post. She was *launched* on September 5 as well! Happy Birthday, Mom!

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