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Virtual Light August 23, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Technology.


This futuristic eyewear has been available to purchase for almost a year now, although I just recently discovered it. The Myvu Personal Media Player turns your video iPod into a virtual “viewing experience that is comparable to a large TV screen from six feet away.” The Solo Edition will set you back about $200, while the original Fully Loaded Edition runs $300. Next month, Myvu is scheduled to release the Universal model (no price yet), which can be plugged into a laptop, DVD player, or camcorder. For an extra $100, myopic folks like me can purchase the Myvu Rx Clip for any model.

This piece of tech made me think of the glasses from William Gibson‘s book Virtual Light. Most likely because I’m waiting for his new book Spook Country, which is still being processed at our local library. It came out two weeks ago and is still not available to be borrowed. Harry Potter fans would have stormed the circulation desks by now!



1. Ged - August 23, 2007

Cool for sure, but will it work with the iPhone?

2. David - August 23, 2007

Some sites said that the Universal Edition may work with cell phones and possibly the iPhone. I couldn’t find anything on Myvu that confirmed or denied that.

3. Rebecca - August 24, 2007

The iPhone currently does not have video out capabilities so myvu Made for iPod and myvu Universal will not work with the 1st generation iPhone.

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