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Make Google Bucks August 14, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Technology.


You too can help Google “to organize the world’s information” and get paid by becoming a Google Business Referral Representative.  According to the FAQ, you’ll need to visit local businesses to collect information (such as hours of operation, types of payments accepted, etc.) for Google Maps and tell the businesses about Google Maps and Google AdWords.  You’ll also need to take a few digital pictures to be included with the listing.  Google will then pay you up to $10 for each one that they approve ($2) and the business verifies ($8).

A small drawback is that you need to make at least $25 a month to receive a check.  So, verification is very important to achieving that goal.  Businesses can verify their information by either sending a response postcard or confirming it online.

Sign up here to join the collective…I mean program.



1. Ged - August 15, 2007

Man, they really do find new and exciting ways to get the general populace working for them don’t they? I wonder when we’ll hear the first stories of people making the big $$$ simply by the info they submitted to Google. Some people have tons of time on their hands, so this should be right up their alleys.

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