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Creative Swearing 101 August 10, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Parenting, Pop Culture.


Being the parent of 6-year old and 11-month 9-month old daughters has led me to curb my use of profanity around the house.  I don’t really swear much, but I do let the occasional curse slip from my mouth.  To combat this, I’ve been relying on a tactic that my Dad’s mother (Nanny) employed.  Although, I never recall her saying any of the Seven Filthy Words, I do remember Nanny frequently using “sugar” not as a sweetener.  In honor of that, I have been saying “Sugar Plum Fairy” quite a bit.  I must have seen the Nutcracker one too many times.

Another one I regularly use is a combination from two curses in pop culture.  The first was taken from Battlestar Galactica (frak) while the second originated in Shaun of the Dead (f@ck-a-doodle-do).  Put them together to get “frak-a-doodle-do” where most of the time I drop the last “do” from it.  “Funky Pete” is one of the hilarious extras from the Shaun DVD that sanitizes it for television.

My oldest non-expletive comes from the Marvel comic book The ‘Nam, which chronicled the Vietnam War from a soldier’s perspective.  I assume there’s a lot of swearing in war, but the writers of the comic addressed this with the word “Cripes.”  Now, I see from searching online that it’s an alteration of “Christ.”  So much for not swearing.


1. Michele - August 12, 2007

There’s a great Orbitz commercial that uses a bunch of different words for swear words. Like “French Toast” could be used for the “f” word. There’s also a kids show called Higglytown Heros that one of the little girls on the show uses “pickes” i would assume instead of the “s” word.

Oh, and isn’t Lily only 10 months old?

2. davegoblog - August 12, 2007

Actually, she just turned 9 months old yesterday. What was I thinking?

3. Michele - August 14, 2007

She’s so big she looks like she’s 11 months old!!! LOL!

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