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Old School Gaming August 3, 2007

Posted by davegoblog in Gaming.



On December 25, 1980, Santa delivered a brand new Atari 2600 under our Christmas tree.  Actually, I believe the elves at the Kmart that my Dad managed bought it for him, but that didn’t matter at the time.  I then spent the next few years honing my hand-eye coordination.


One of my favorite games on the console was Adventure, which was probably the first title in the RPG genre.  The goal was simple.  You (represented by a square) needed to find the enchanted chalice and return it to the gold castle.  Three poultry-like dragons and a frantic item-grabbing bat tried to thwart your quest.  Armed with your trusty sword (a yellow arrow), you could slay the dragons or end up being eaten alive in their see-through stomachs.  For an added challenge, I would attempt to place all of the game items in the gold castle prior to returning chalice.  The results were even more distorted noise and flashing than in the regular ending.


Adventure was also the first game with an Easter egg in it.  If you could find the “magic dot” in the black castle, then it could be used to see the message, “Created by Warren Robinett.”  I am proud to say I discovered that pixel, but I don’t recall finding the hidden name.


If you’re jonesing for some old school gaming, then you can watch Adventure being played here or pick up the Atari 10-in-1 Games joystick for some dragon-duck hunting!



1. Anthony - August 3, 2007

Adventure was one of my favorite games.

If I remember correctly, to see the secret message after getting the dot, you had to squeeze past the top (or bottom?) edge of one of those yellow “walls” (like the one in your screenshot) and that took you to a secret room.

I may have to look into that 10-in-1 joystick…

2. Ged - August 3, 2007

Used to love playing Adventure! There is a great hat tip to the blocky game in the Futurama episode Anthology of Interest II. Check it out.

Also, they are sold out now, but Panic used to sell a kick-ass Adventure t-shirt. You can see it listed here.

Too fun! Great first post Dave!

3. Chad - August 26, 2007

Oh my god you big nerd. Adventure is one of my favorites as well. I could do it blindfolded after a while (at least game 1). Once I got eaten by a dragon, but the bat picked it up and flew all over the castle with me still in its stomach.

And that’s about enough reminiscing for now.

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